No Secrets Allowed (A Sweet and Light-Hearted Romantic Series Book #2)

New Adult

Aurorette “Rory” Arrington has a new British boyfriend, Peter Ryder, and a brand-new job. The only problem—they are over 3,000 miles away from each other. Just after getting together in California, Rory and Peter are separated as Rory dives headfirst into her Boston job. The long-distance relationship is not the only thing these two lovebirds struggle with as Rory reconnects with an old college flame, Ryan, and a new young attorney, Sam. All the while, Peter feels the pressure of becoming the president of White Water Corporation, a family-run company in California, and his family’s sudden interest in controlling his love life. Will Peter and Rory prevail through their conflicts, or will they drift apart like most long-distance couples do?

Kana Wu’s wholesome book allows any reader to get a taste of a short romance, consisting of whirlwind conflicts and independent character struggles. There’s a satisfying summarization of the characters’ history at the beginning, but the novel’s pace pushes through events like a bulldozer. The readers can get lost fast, not only through the speed of events, but also by the confusion of consistency in format when it comes to POV switches, or characters’ thoughts and words. Readers see all signs of the beautiful building of their relationship as they get to know one another and divulge their secrets, but the relationship also tends to be one-sided. Rory constantly makes Peter apologize, even when she’s made as many mistakes as he has. The introduction of other characters is well-created but never gets developed, leaving lots of loose ends that the author never ties up. Overall, this author writes a heart-warming story about pure love.

Austen Grace