New Moon – Alpha Wolf Academy Book 1

New Adult

PARANORMAL:  Wolf-shifter Elena Jensen is starting her first year at the elite North American Alpha Wolf Academy on a writing scholarship. Leaving the safety and security of home and everyone she knows behind in Newfoundland is hard enough, but not fitting in with the wealthy and prosperous students at the Academy makes things even harder. On day one things begin to look up when she crashes into fellow student Sebastian and the sparks fly. Sebastian’s twin sister, Daniella, is a proud member of the mean girl clique who have had their eyes set on Elena, and she’s not happy with her brother’s choice of a companion. When terror engulfs the campus, Elena and Sebastian must work together to stay hidden and save those they can. 

“New Moon” is a fast-paced, action-packed thriller that will leave readers demanding more. The characters are well developed and easy to identify with, and the plotline flows seamlessly. For those readers sensitive to violence, this story does involve a school shooting and many students being held against their will. There is also intermittent swearing which doesn’t fit well into the scenes where it’s used. Unfortunately, there is also a cliffhanger which hopefully will be addressed in the following installments. It is, however, a bit disappointing not to get closure in this book. For fans of the paranormal genre, Ms. King’s series starts strong and will optimistically keep up its pace!

Alison Ellis