My Serenity

New Adult

Seth is in the middle of an internship when his father suddenly passes away, requiring him to return to his home near San Francisco to help his mother. His father’s death is unexpected and turns his family upside down. His mom owns a restaurant and his father owns an auto repair shop, now Seth has to figure out how to juggle both and his emotions. His best friend Elijah is there for him, as are many mutual friends.  His first love, Josie is a surprise; she left school one day and never returned. Once reconnected, they attempt to pick up where they left off, however both are scarred from past hurts. When more tragedy strikes, neither knows how to deal with it rationally. Can they repair the damage done and heal together?

Ms. Clarke has done it again! She’s created a lovable couple that readers will relate to and want to know. Seth and Josie are the main characters and are survivors who find solace in one another. Each has a sordid past they now have to contend with. The raw emotion displayed will have tears rolling. The plot and flow are deftly written and will take readers through each triumph and struggle, even when a bit predictable. There is delicate subject matter that is well portrayed. This is the second book in the series and it does stand alone; however, reading the first book introduces other characters that make repeat appearances.  An enjoyable read and a wonderful follow up to “My Clarity”!

Viola Robins