New Adult

Jessie has come a long way — she has faced a hearing impairment, dealt with bullies, and now, as a high school senior, facing the prospect of leaving home and all that is familiar. Jesse is proficient in karate and enjoys participating in tournaments, until an accident renders her totally deaf. After graduation she leaves for the unknown world of college life and must learn to maneuver around many obstacles. Jesse’s faith is challenged as she attempts to conquer her self-doubts and rediscover hope.

Fourth in a series of books that follows Jesse, a strong young woman who has faced many challenges in her young life, Jenifer Gibson has created an interesting and compelling story line with a likeable and sensitive heroine. There are many readers who will enjoy reading "Hope", but to really understand Jesse and her story the reader might want to read the first three books. They will provide a better and more complete understanding of Jesse’s struggles. The setting is complete, the book suffers from a slow pace with unnecessary and repetitive information. Readers familiar with Jessie's story will enjoy this next stage of her life; new readers could have trouble staying interested.

L. Kane