The Heart of a Peach

Jess B.
New Adult

Olivia Hamilton is a quiet young woman who lives with her parents, is engaged to the perfect man, yet is perfectly miserable with her life. Olivia moved to Fox Run during high school where she was homeschooled. She did not have many friends, did not have a job, and was set to marry one of the most eligible bachelors in town. Everything should have been golden for her except she wasn’t living her life, she wasn’t marrying a man she loved, and she desperately wanted to find herself once more. When she meets Denver MacKenna of the MacKenna Brothers band, she finds the courage to break free from the shackles of her past and embrace the future.

This book has a wonderful storyline of finding one’s own identity, romance, and taking those first adult steps to freedom. The author delves into the family psyche that led to Olivia’s transformation from perfection, to bad seed, back to almost perfection, and finally freedom from the family that turned her into something she wasn’t. Readers will cheer when Olivia breaks off her engagement and kindles the flame of romance with Denver.

Readers may believe this book is written in Victorian times what with the constraints put upon Olivia by her overbearing father. Fortunately, the author offers some insight that will set the reader straight as to the era in time the book is set. A nice contemporary romance to spend an afternoon with.

Carly Fulmer