Free Pass (A Free Will novel)

New Adult

Laney and Austin have been dating for two years and she thinks they are in love, until she finds out that he cheated on her during spring break. She’s devastated by his betrayal, and it hurts even worse when Austin comes up with a way to make things even. She can have two weeks to cheat on him with anyone - except his brother. The problem is, his brother Jake has been attracted to Laney since before Austin began dating her. Laney finds she is equally attracted to Jake.  She chooses Jake with whom to have her two week affair. Jake is on his best behavior in the hopes that this two week fling will lead to forever.


This is a bittersweet story filled with angst that the reader can feel. The characters all have baggage that they carry around with them, which make them seem real. That said most of the characters fall flat, including Laney and Jake at times. Laney is either crying or having sex, which is a far cry from reality. Jake is either being broody or having sex, which again, leaves him one dimensional. Grandy is a wonderful, wise addition to the story. Everyone needs a Grandy to gently guide them to what is best for them. The plot is refreshing and original. This is a quick, enjoyable read and the first of a series of novels.


Belinda Wilson