Fractured Palace

New Adult

Ashton Roberts has known heartaches and disappointments practically all her life.  Not surprising, then, that she tries to steel herself against anyone who could completely crush her already fractured heart. Reed Collins, Ashton’s former neighbor and childhood protector, has always had feelings for her. When fate finally allows them that little piece of heaven, they take it, until a secret Reed has kept all these years is unearthed and tears them apart.


In “Fractured Palace” the author captures the bittersweet love between Ashton and Reed. In an age where book boyfriends are de rigueur, Reed Collins epitomizes a girl’s ideal man: caring yet strong, confident yet vulnerable (especially where Ashton is concerned). Angst-filled Ashton is someone a lot of girls can empathize with, particularly when it comes to the pressures imposed on them by society. Eventually she breaks away from this imposed mold to become her own person. The author also gives substance to the secondary characters, showing the reader why they are what they are. Inevitably, one will feel for the characters who, in the beginning, one would want to head slap.


“Fractured Palace” is a story that shows that not all facets of one’s life have to be completely broken. They are just catalysts for something better.


M.P. Ceja