Fidelity (To Be Sinclair Book 10)

New Adult

SCI-FI:  Despite his reputation for being a bad boy, Prince Richard Sinclair is actually a decent sort. His persona means people like him more and don't judge him. Lady Meredith Lauder intrigues him.  He wants to save her from an awful family life and show her that some people do care. She refuses to be dependent on anyone  so when Richard takes her to his palace, she insists on working to earn her way. When a dangerous situation befalls the palace, Merry supports Richard as best she can. Will they be able to maintain their relationship in spite of the challenges they face — and when others are trying to tear them apart?

The tenth book in Eva Caye's To Be Sinclair series, “Fidelity” fills in the blanks to the world she has created. This book focuses on Richard Sinclair finding his true love. The dialogue between Richard and Merry is quite entertaining and author Eva Caye has written some very passionate, intimate scenes for them to star in.  "Fidelity" has a Cinderella vibe to it —Merry cleans the palace in return for Richard letting her stay there. The politics of Prince Richard's world result in some very interesting situations, and showcase Ms. Caye's vivid imagination. Her writing is descriptive, compelling and very entertaining.  "Fidelity" is an enjoyable and fun read, and a worthy entry to the To Be Sinclair series.

Lynn-Alexandria McKendrick