Falling Like Rain

Sarah Creviston
New Adult

Hannah and Charlie Grayson are siblings who are Civil War re-enactors. Tragedy strikes when they are on their way home from a weekend re-enactment: they are struck by a drunk driver during a rainstorm. Charlie is killed instantly and Hannah is thrown from the truck into a ditch, unable to move until help arrives. Four months later, Hannah is back at school for her senior year of college where she meets a guy named Ewan. It’s obvious from the beginning that both Ewan and Hannah have secrets from their past that they don’t want to bring up. What will happen when the truth comes out? Will their relationship survive or will the past never let them have peace?

The story of Hannah and Charlie will capture the reader’s interest, not only for the obvious way the siblings care for one another, but also their unique hobby of Civil War re-enacting. Following the accident, the reader will go through Hannah’s struggles to feel normal again, get over her aversion to rain, and her re-introduction to the re-enactment society. As Hannah and Ewan’s relationship begins to blossom, the reader will realize before the characters do that their similar pasts could be the very thing that bonds them together, or tear them apart forever. Forgiveness of each other and of self is prevalent throughout the story. Both Hannah and Ewan’s families grieve for very different reasons, however, the grief takes its toll on the family. The author does a masterful job of weaving romance, heartache, grief, humor, and forgiveness in a book the reader will not want to put down. A truly beautiful story!

Carly Fulmer