Elissa Blue (Book One of The Winged)

New Adult

SCI-FI:  Elissa Copper isn’t exactly known for her patience — ask her mother or her older sister —so when she finally sprouts her wings, she rushes off to what’s jokingly called “The Mating Mountain” where she will select her husband. As usual, however, nothing goes according to plan. On her way to the mountain, she crashes into a stranger and feels an odd connection to him.  As well, she meets two other young men, one of whom gives her an amazing high with his touch. If that’s not enough, upon arrival at the mountain, Elissa finds herself confronted with a ghost from her mother’s past, and people she didn't know existed claim a bond with her.  With so many people and so many options, how is Elissa ever to choose a husband?

This science-fiction romance has an original story concept that will pique the reader’s interest as soon as they turn the first page. Though the idea itself is unique, the execution is lacking. The author tends to switch character perspectives sporadically, which will leave readers confused about which character should have the focus. The story’s progression, the characters’ development and their relationships seem convenient or forced, rather  than natural. It seems the author is more interested in getting the reader through the story rather than pulling the reader into it. Overall, the story lacks good execution but holds itself with a creative story idea.

Jacey Lee