Dog with a Bone (Black Dog Book 1)

New Adult

PARANORMAL:  Thierry Thackery has two choices: become a Marshall or return to the fae realm forever. When she meets her new partner, Shaw, she isn’t sure what to think. There is definitely chemistry between the two but Thierry knows that she has been given a job and she must execute it to the best of her abilities. Shaw, on the other hand, wants to figure out what Thierry is really made of. Is she really worth the trouble to teach or is she just a product of her notable father? Together they face some humans that are far worse than anything that might be found in fae.

Hailey Edwards has created a story that is magical, heroic, funny, and fascinating all at the same time. She weaves a web of lies, challenges, chemistry, and defiance like she is weaving a comfortable blanket. It is at times confusing, as there is a lot of back story and points that are mentioned but never addressed so the reader can truly understand. Still, “Dog with a Bone” is an excellent story with rich characters and unique twists and turns that keeps readers on the edge of their seats. Readers won’t be able to put the book down until the very last page and will instantly be begging for more! The “Black Dog” series promises to be a smash hit with readers who enjoy adventure and creative plots. Hailey Edwards has a true challenge on her hands as she weaves new adventures for her characters that promise to be even more exciting than the first.

Mary-Nancy Smith