The Divided Twin

M. Billiter,
Kyle Thomas
New Adult

SUSPENSE/THRILLER:  Aaron and Branson are identical twins. Then there’s the “third twin”, David, who lives inside the mind of one of the brothers. David has been around for a long time, and he likes to make things a little chaotic. He helped his twin survive a turbulent childhood, then left for a bit. As the brothers grow older, ever so often David still comes to the surface to cause a little chaos. When the brothers start to bond again over their mother’s recent cancer diagnosis, he returns stronger than ever. This time, it’s to try and tear the brothers apart.

“The Divided Twin” is a dark, twisted, and emotionally gripping journey that will leave readers itching for more until the very last page! Ms. Billiter and Mr. Thomas have woven together an incredible narrative that touches on the true heart and agony of mental illness. Through the various perspectives, readers explore the lives of Aaron and Branson and the lengths they go to in order to cope with the trauma they suffered growing up. Each strives for normalcy in his own way. Unexpected turns make this book thrilling, and the characters’ portrayals are so in-depth they come alive off of the page. The end will leave readers resonating with the true meaning of this dark tale.

This book is absolutely perfect for fans of thrillers! Readers of contemporary novels and true crime will also find enjoyment in these pages.

Chelsea Andersen