Decide (Declan Reede: The Untold Story Book 0.5)

New Adult

Declan Reede has always known he wanted to be a race car driver. As his dream came within his grasp his father pressed for his focus and attention, stressing practice over anything - or anyone - else. This anyone would be his childhood best friend Alyssa Dawson. They were inseparable when young and became closer as they grew up. Eventually, Declan and Alyssa became the "It" couple of their high school, but as with all star-crossed lovers, conflicts wiggled their way between them. Alyssa and Declan's bond was once ironclad but as life pulled them in different directions, Declan had to decide which road to take. One ended with Alyssa; the other chased his dream. 

“Decide” was a great read, very well planned and complete for a novella. The story was set in Australia, so the author included a glossary of Australian slang, which was a wonderful addition.  This reader loved it, just as much as discovering this new author and her intriguing series.  Though the characters started as friends, their love for each other was ever-present. The author allowed their feelings to grow and mature on the pages in a natural way, not forced or rushed. It was a glimpse at how true love begins and evolves. In addition, the younger voices and personality of the characters were organic and believable just as they were as they aged. “Decide” was truly a great piece of writing to lose yourself in on a lazy afternoon. As with many great stories, this reader just wished it was longer!

Amy Willis