Storm Savage
New Adult

Fringe (aka Susie) decides to accompany her friend Mackie to a concert on Friday night.  She’s not been out and about in quite some time. Her agoraphobia has kept her lying low on her family farm. Playing guitar has been her only form of therapy. Her friend Mackie has been there for her and helped her put the pieces together of a traumatic upbringing. Mackie has shown romantic interest but Fringe has always been true and loyal to her but only as a friend. While front row at the concert Fringe catches the eye of the lead singer, who also happens to be Mackie’s next-door neighbor. When Mackie pulls strings to get backstage after the concert, she introduces Fringe to Cruz. A whirlwind romance ensues along with many deceptions. A plan is set in action; can Amber survive yet another traumatic experience?

“Cruzan” is a love at first sight drama! The meeting of the handsome rock star and the quiet fan kicks off the story of two battered souls who find solace in each other. The quickness of the relationship may not seem realistic to readers. The band’s stardom and the connection of friends and neighbors pulls in many supporting characters. There are many emotions and triggers in this book and readers should read those prior to reading. Ms. Savage has a steady arc and enough drama to keep readers glued until the end. A story of perfect strangers who have experienced their fair share of pain and heartache, find each other, and understand each other like no one ever has. Sex, drugs, rock and roll and God all play a major role in “Cruzan.”

*Trigger warning – includes scenes/mentions of drug and alcohol abuse, child sexual abuse, LGBT relationships, abortion, gambling addiction, and the foster system*

Viola Robbins