Counting Crows (Threads of Courage Book 3)

Linda Harris
New Adult

HISTORICAL:  Striving to live up to her parents' careers, Maggie Canavan is not sure what to do. There are no boys left in the village she lives in because of the war and she wants more for her life. When she gets a job in New York, she falls in love with the city and its vibrancy. She discovers feminism and has two men who want to be with her. Her happiness is short lived when a flu rages through the city, killing tens of thousands of people. Maggie finds her life suddenly thrown into despair. She will have to go through hell in the hopes that her life will return to normal. 

The one aspect that stood out about this book was the accuracy that Linda Harris Sittig managed to achieve. It is clear that she did her research and poured that out onto the page so readers could lap it up. Maggie is a likeable character, and the hardships she goes through are relatable to women everywhere. Perhaps a little more description in certain parts of the book would have really brought the book together. For those who enjoy reading about the time period and who enjoy the topic of feminism, they will want to add this book to their "to read" immediately.  It won't be forgotten in a hurry. 

Lynn-Alexandria McKendrick