The Circle Unbroken

New Adult

HISTORICAL/INSPIRATIONAL:  In the summer of 1964, Mavis Powell moves to New York City to stay with her aunt and uncle in order to escape the dangers of racial discourse in Mississippi.  Although missing her family, the moment Mavis meets Harris, she knows her heart is drawing her to him.  Against her family’s wishes, the two set out on a journey together that will lead them on a road they never could have imagined.  With tragedy and rejection following them every step of the way, Mavis and Harris must find a way for their love to overcome hardship.  As life tests their love, they begin to wonder, “how far can it be pushed before love breaks?”

A beautiful yet tragic story about young love, family, standing up for what one believes in and the cost in doing so.  Mavis is a character with heart and determination that readers will get behind and want to know how her journey will come together.  Although her story is intriguing, the tension and worry Mavis has seeps into every word, which can cause the reader to be anxious about what will come next.  The plot also is rather slow moving, with little action or forward movement in places.  As a result, some may find it difficult to stay connected with the story.  In the end, “The Circle Unbroken,” will warm readers’ hearts and bring a little hope that one can come back from any tragedy. 

 Amy Cefoldo