Christi Bell

New Adult

Christi Bell is a girl at a crossroads. She’s lost her almost fiancé, hates her job, and her only friends in the world are moving away. She’s unsure about everything in her life, including the man who watches her when she’s in the park and seems to know a lot about her.  Her head tells her to be careful - there have been murders in the park - but her heart tells her there’s more to him. As she starts to get to know him her reservations fall away, but just as she begins to trust her feelings he drops a bomb on her that changes everything.


Christi Bell is a twisty-turny story with a little bit of everything: a crazed killer, an angsty heroine with a past, and a mysterious hero who is hiding a boatload of secrets. The author does a nice job in creating romantic tension for her main characters, but with all the other secondary storylines of Christi’s friends and even the villain, that romantic foundation sometimes gets lost in the shuffle.  The author is able to draw the reader into the story, but then pulls them out with abrupt point of view changes and a lot of dialogue without the setting description to anchor it.  This book had a lot of promise, but needed a bit more polishing.  The romance between Christi and Brent was definitely a highlight, though, and readers will enjoy peeling back his layers to discover just why he’s so protective of Christi.  


Kate Campbell