Yesterday's News


Clare Carlson enjoys a successful journalism career that took off when she covered the disappearance of Lucy Devlin a decade ago. The coverage earned her a coveted Pulitzer Prize. When new evidence comes to light in the form of an email, she is back on the case. The note tells of a motorcycle gang's involvement, uncovering many suspects and many secrets people would rather stayed buried, especially some key influential people. As she looks further into the details, a cold case concerning the discovery of children's bodies seems to connect to Lucy's disappearance. Clare has the potential to ruin careers if the hidden information comes to light. She has to pick and choose her battles as she struggles to find the truth.

The story is compelling, a well-composed intricate weaving of mystery that makes for a book one won't want to put down. The impeccable cadence provides a rhythmic read that is extremely enjoyable. The mystery is well done, with twists throughout the narrative packing a punch the reader will not see coming. The main character is easy to empathize with, making one want to follow her throughout the story. There were parts of the book that were obviously just filler and did little to further the plot. At times the narration is overdone and could have been shown more than told. The conclusion is disappointing not resolving all of the loose ends. In the end, the plot is deliciously complex and intriguing.

Jessica Samuelsen