Who Killed Tom Jones?


Who knew going to a Tom Jones festival would become the epicenter of intrigue and romance?  Led to the event by a promising horoscope, the heroine, Ellie Overton, hoped to find the person who was supposed to change her lifes path, as well as blow off some of the frustrations of a less-than-eventful existence by enjoying some of her favorite oldies and eyeing some spandex-clad gyrations. Well, her expectations were definitely and subsequently surpassed by the death of one of the entertainers. Thrust into the center of the mystery, Ellie found herself confronting many shadows from her past while facing several choices that could derail her current path for one that was uncertain yet thrilling.  

This mystery moved at a good pace with the enticement of potential relationships and endearing, well-rounded characters. Mr. Harvey and the rest of the Finger group had to be this readers favorite part. The detractor from this enjoyable story was the strong affiliation with the soul singer, Tom Jones. If, as an artist he does not appeal to your taste, the reference and appeal might be too much for the reader to stomach. The author admits to her fan-girl status for Jones, but he can be a polarizing artist which might turn away potential readers. That being said, the mystery itself and the characters help you get past the authors thematic choices.

Amy Willis