Who’s Roxy Watkins?


Private investigator Kate Nash sits at home never suspecting anything is wrong—until she answers the phone. It’s the chief of police wanting to know where Kate was at twelve thirty in the morning and demanding she come to the police station immediately. Kate answers honestly that she was in bed asleep. Still, she heads to the station. Once there she sees the problem: a woman who looks exactly like her is on the television holding a gun and killing a guy. As Kate delves into the mystery of the woman’s identity, she comes face to face with terrible family secrets of her own.  Added to that, the mob is after her as well! Can Kate solve the case before it’s too late and she ends up dead?

“Who’s Roxy Watkins?” is a story shrouded in mystery from the title to the very last page. The well-crafted plot keeps the reader guessing who the bad guys are and whether the good guys will be able to escape the mess they’re in before things get even worse. This mystery, with its murder and splashes of romance will definitely keep readers on the edge of their seats. Though the plot is mostly strong, the ending leaves some loose ends dangling, giving the story a slightly unfinished feel. Kate, though level headed, keeps everyone, including her love interest Ryan, at bay which makes it somewhat difficult to connect with her character. These small flaws aside, however, this engaging story will captivate readers.  A real page-turner!

Roslynn Ernst