When Harry Killed Sally (Whichur-Wolfe Detection #1)


PARANORMAL: Sally, a small-town herbalist, is murdered in a quiet community, and the man believed to be the killer is arrested and charged. An unlikely duo sets out to prove his innocence and uncover the truth behind the death of an innocent woman. In this dual perspective paranormal mystery, Emmalyst Whichur, a former investigative reporter, is on the hunt for her godmother’s killer. Emmalyst makes her way to Killaman Falls after Sally’s trusted business partner, Harry, is arrested for her murder. In this quaint and isolated town, Emmalyst meets Connor Wolfe, a former police officer who writes true crime novels. Together they work tirelessly to piece together the clues of what happened to Sally and bring her killer to justice. In doing so, they also uncover some secrets about themselves, putting a paranormal spin on this cozy murder mystery.

A very compelling and clever novel, “When Harry Killed Sally,” will keep the reader guessing until the very end. There are several twists and turns that make it quite surprising! And while this story is entertaining, it does have a slow start, but patience is pertinent! As the reader progresses through the story, Emmalyst and Connor’s relationship continues to grow. The two characters play well off each other, creating very comedic narration and tongue-in-cheek humor. Their back-and-forth banter is brilliantly written. With well-developed, off-beat characters, and a town full of colorful personalities, this story is bound to give the reader the warm and fuzzies. It is sure to please and delight both paranormal and mystery fans.

Jennifer Shepherd