What Lies Beneath Stillwater (A Winston Randhauser Mystery Book 12)


Detective Winston Randhauser has an upsetting case land in his lap when an infant’s skull is unearthed in a groundbreaking. It becomes a lot worse when further investigation reveals the bodies of twenty infants in the grounds of what once was the Stillwater Home for Unwed Mothers. With lack of information and a growing list of suspects, Winston has his work cut out for him. With the help of Sister Anne Monique, Winston works to put the pieces of a very complicated puzzle together. Who could have committed such a dreadful crime and covered their tracks for so long? He intends to find out and bring those involved to justice, and settle the souls of the children lost.

The first thing to mention is the delicate subject that this novel takes on, which may be upsetting to some readers. However, that adds to the fantastic writing that Susan Clayton-Goldner has produced, and the fact that she has handled such a sensitive subject and created an amazing mystery full of twists and turns with a serious sprinkling of suspense. Fans of the series will adore it, and new readers will be scrambling to read the other eleven books in the series so they can get more from this fantastic author.  “What Lies Beneath Stillwater” should be up there with the high ranking mysteries and detective novels as the writing is first class, and readers won’t be able to put it down. Add this awesome book to the to-be-read list, and be warned, it’s one that is the true definition of a page turner!

Lynn-Alexandria McKendrick