Wedding Day


Dallas Day is a famous rodeo bull rider, temporarily hampered by a broken wrist. He’s recuperating at the family home in Frisbee, Texas, along with his parents and his brother. He’s a bit bored with the downtime, until his brother bets him he can’t get the new animal vet in town to date him. When the old vet retires in her hometown, former high school wallflower Cassandra Bailey relocates from Austin with her adopted daughter, Briana, eager to operate her own business. She’s secure in her long-distance relationship with her attorney boyfriend, until her high school cowboy crush starts laying on the charm. Things take a mysterious turn with several local incidents of arson.

This quick, enjoyable read is equally laced with healthy doses of sexual tension and suspense. A few problems: no respectable cattle rancher would call themselves cattle farmers, especially in a Texas setting. Also, as entertaining as this storyline is, it’s typical contemporary cowboy fare. Dallas is the stereotypical line-spouting, womanizing, bull-riding cowboy whose idea of the perfect woman reads right from a country song. Even with this lack of originality, it’s thrilling to see his character develop into something so much more by the end of this heartwarming story. Cassie’s role is admirable and the adopted daughter’s previous plight is woven in nicely, adding a little mystery, as well as a few tender moments to this delightful story. Nicely done! 

Lori Leger