Undertow: The UnderCity Chronicles #1

S. M.

After a car crash claims the lives of Lindsay Sterling's family and she is left alone to raise her niece, Seline, Lindsay panics when she learns Seline has gone missing into the catacombs underneath New York City. Frantically, she scrambles to the police station for help, and they advise her to seek out Jack Cole. Jack is an old acquaintance of Lindsay's, but she fears even more for her niece's life when she discovers he was kept captive for two years in the same tunnels that imprison Seline. Trying to avoid reliving his nightmares, Jack declines to help Lindsay search for her niece, but when she nearly loses her life attempting to fulfill the task herself, he feels he has no other choice but to offer his help. Can they find Seline safe and sound, or will the underground-dwelling creatures find them first?

The writing duo of S.M. Stelmack have mashed their creative talents and imaginative minds together to create this sc-fi, romantic suspense which has the ability to appeal to horror and paranormal fans alike. The book has several sub-genres which surprisingly work together well and could appeal to a much larger audience. The unique plot is an attention grabber and keeps book-lovers' eyes glued to the pages as we get to tag along for the search and rescue operation deep into the underbelly of NYC. Readers may be disappointed that the romance aspect falls flat, but there's always hope it can continue on to grow within the series.  


Jaime A. Geraldi