Two Heads Are Deader Than One


Private Investigator (Eddie) Shoes and her old friend Dakota haven't seen each other since high school when a horrific accident changed both their lives. Eddie dropped out of school and left town, creating a new life for herself. Nearly ten years later, Dakota reappears, calling from Bellingham jail and asking Eddie for help.  She needs someone to bail her out and find the person stalking her. After Dakota is released, however, she disappears again, leaving Eddie with no clues other than the body in the office next door!  The key to solving the mystery between Dakota and Eddie lies in the past. Eddie is now a person of interest, with her detective ex-boyfriend in pursuit. Eddie is forced to confront the past, and face her demons. 

Eddie Shoes is an interesting, strong protagonist. The story is well written and the plot moves you forward. The author’s dialogue pulls the reader in while the scenes dump one straight into the belly of the whale, and directly into the story. The characters are likeable and believable and Chava, Eddie's card-dealing mom, is especially charming.  It's impossible not to root for them all through the story. Author Elena Hartwell showcases a delightful heroine in a story that promises pleasant romance and a hint of danger with a twist of an ending. This will keeps one from ever putting this book down!

L. Kane