A Twist of Fortune (The Hands of Fate #2)


HISTORICAL:  Melaina Hartley never wanted to leave her hometown of Carth, Pennsylvania. Unfortunately, when her father becomes indebted to his business partner, Mr. Ashwood, only Melaina’s agreement to see Ashwood's daughter Blanche wed to the Duke of Westmire will see her father clear of his debts. However, Blanche schemes to have Melaina take her place, forcing her into a situation not of her choosing, which quickly spirals as the wandering troop of Cirque De Straniu decides to kidnap the wealthy heiress for ransom. Luca Deval knows the kidnapping is a bad idea, but unwilling to abandon the people who have become his family, he agrees and ends up with a woman who entices him as no woman ever has before. Will he be able to let Melaina go when the truth comes out or will he discover there is no returning a stolen heart?

A dark historical romance, “A Twist of Fortune” is the second book in The Hands of Fate series and shares a setting but different focus. On the backdrop of a predictable plot and dark and desperate setting, Melania and Luca are powerful characters with complex reactions and vivid attraction. However, the romance feels like a combination of lust and Stockholm syndrome, as Melaina is never really allowed to make a positive choice, which gives a kind of dark feel to it. Still, the story has a smooth pace, and the emotions are so well written that readers will find themselves egging the characters on.

Sarah E Bradley