Trouble in a Small Town 


Mallory Larsen is back living at home after finding her fiancé in bed with her maid of honor. Her parents lean a bit toward the weird (her addicted-to-infomercials mom doesn't understand that vegetarians don't eat meat) but when the cheating bridesmaid ends up dead, Mallory finds the body, and the evidence keeps pointing to her, coming home takes on a whole new meaning. Wade Porter bought the house across from Mallory's parents and meets her as he's kicking his garbage can. Now a PI, he used to be an attorney; and Mallory is definitely going to need one. 


This is a fast-paced murder whodunit that never once loses sight of the fact it's also a Chick-Lit type of tale. Full of outrageously quirky characters—Mallory's mother is one readers will never forget, while thanking fate she isn't yours—who are well rounded and fully realistic, the witty comebacks alone will make you feel for Mallory and Wade as they try their best to keep her out of jail. The bad guy is obvious, though how he manages it throws a few surprises in, and sometimes Mallory is just a bit too much a dumb blonde. Beginning a relationship and solving a murder would test any couple, and these two pass with flying colors while maintaining believability. Readers will fall in love with Wade. The low heat level and snappy snark make this the nearly perfect kind of book to curl up and giggle with over the holidays. 


Julie York