The Tipping Point: A Wainwright Mystery


It’s the late 1970’s and there is a lot going on in the world of investment real estate, rife with mergers and greed. CapVest has much success due to the way the company has been run and with five majority partners all on the same page. However, there seems to be a bad apple in the group and Garth Wainwright and his best friend and business partner, Tommy, need to find out why partners are dying suspicious deaths which are made to look like accidents. The story covers East and West coast divisions and the Colorado office. There are some partners that believe Ecstasy is the answer to seeing things more clearly but not all partners are buying into it. The murders begin to reveal internal fraud and the SEC and the FBI should be involved. Can Garth save the firm and find the killer before all the partners are taken out?


“The Tipping Point” is a suspense thriller that takes a ride with corporate America and carries readers through the trials of a large commercial real estate firm with many partners. The plot is choppy the first half of the book, which contains editing errors along with multiple characters that make it difficult to track who’s who. The last half is a smoother read and brings the story all together with a clean finish. The core group of main characters is heroic and well portrayed with courage and guts to do the right thing, which proves that the good guys don't have to finish last.


Viola Robins