Tidal Wave (Aloha Lagoon Mysteries Book 17)


Under the guise of an engagement party, Samantha and Casey shock both families when they announce that they are getting married at the party right then. That is, until the caterer, Vivienne, is found face-down dead in the wedding cake. Trying to prove to Casey’s mom that Hawaii is a safe place and that she would make a good wife to Casey, Sam takes it upon herself to get involved and do some investigating to find the murderer that may be lurking the beaches of Aloha Lagoon. Solving crimes is not new to Sam but oftentimes she finds herself in dangerous situations that end with her risking her life time and time again. Casey’s frustration with Sam’s inability to stay out of sleuthing may just be the thing that causes him to walk away from her, all the way back to the shores of England where he is from.

A standalone in a long series, “Tidal Wave” has mystery dripping from its cover. Jumping right into the middle of a whodunit murder, it will have the reader questioning every citizen that Sam comes in contact with. The characters’ personalities barely had time to surface before a new one arrives causing a bit of confusion in keeping track of everyone’s roles throughout. While her intentions are to help, Sam’s personality was overwhelmingly selfish at times demanding she gets what she wants even if it puts people in danger. That aside, readers will connect with the fun and quirky side of Sam that just can’t seem to stay afloat. A fun read that’ll keep one riding the waves of mystery until the tide rolls out!

Marie Sanderson