A Summer Romance (Deveraux Manor Mystery #1)


Maggie needed to run and hide; to take a break from reality of college at Harvard University.  When a notice posting a summer job babysitting a plantation house in Georgia showed up outside her dorm room, it seemed ideal. With a hot groundskeeper named Aaron, and a slowly unfolding mystery in a small town, who knew that time away would change her world?


Wanting to escape from your life is a feeling all of us get at some time or other. That desire to hide from normalfor a short time and finding peace instead, even if it seems too good to be true, is an opportunity most couldnt pass up. "A Summer Romance" will take the reader away from their own normal.” 


Rural Georgia actually begins to grow on Maggie, and finding that she does have the time and ability to cultivate a best friend, and a boyfriend, gives anyone hope of finding happiness in any place. Set up to be a mystery on a few different levels, the varied plotlines are almost perfectly entwined, although more history about the bad guy would have helped it not feel so out of place. The words are there for emotional situations, but the intensity of the feelings is not. Crafting more ceiling hitting highs, and more deep lows inside the characters, and not just around them, is needed to perfect this journey. Maggie and Aaron grow and emerge together, solving some of the mysteries, while others are left open. And you will want to follow them as they find all the answers.


Julie York