Stolen Obsession (Annalisse #1)

Marlene M.

Antiques appraiser Annalisse Drury is convinced that a missing 500-year old bracelet carries a curse that led to the death of her best friend. When she notices the matching necklace at a Manhattan gallery opening, she tries to convince the owner to destroy it, but to no avail.  When another death, related to the necklace, occurs, Annalisse turns to the gallery owner’s charming son, Alec Saves. While Alec finds Annalisse attractive, he is initially skeptical of her claims. Alec gets a rude awakening when his parents are kidnapped. Annalisse and Alec fight a race against the clock as they try to outwit a very clever killer. 

“Stolen Obsession” is a stylish, action-packed caper.  The thrills are never ending in this suspenseful, globetrotting adventure.  The chemistry between Alec and Annalisse is flirtatious and steamy, and they make a good detective team, as well.  The only drawback is the bumpy start.  This was due, in large part, to the feeling one had of walking into a movie already in progress. Readers might get the impression this is a sequel, but it is not. Thankfully, the story balances quickly and from there, it is a wild and crazy ride. This story often has a deceptively light tone, due to the quick, sharp banter, super-charged momentum, and sexy interludes. However, the villains are devilishly evil and diabolical, which gives the story a pronounced edge. This novel has a nice balance of emotion, action and suspense, making this a highly entertaining read.

Julie Whiteley