Spent Identity

Marlene M.

Annalisse escapes to her Aunt Kate’s farm for some relaxation and time to decompress from the stress of her life. Upon arrival, she finds her Aunt preoccupied, a dead body in the barn, and shocking news that Kate’s son now owns the farm and plans on selling it.  When the farm officially becomes a crime scene, Anna packs up her aunt and drives to her boyfriends “cabin” to stay until the case is cleared.

The mystery in this book will keep the reader engaged throughout and guessing until the very end. The surprising twists keep the action moving along at a fast pace. The author does a great job of leading her characters through their roles and outcomes.

This is the second book in the Annalisse series. It is highly recommended to read the first book in the series before reading this one. There are many references to events in the first book that are not explained to the reader’s satisfaction.  The character of Annalisse is a strong, kick-ass personality one minute and the next a whining, crying mess. Her boyfriend, Alec, is the stereotypical rich boy, but comes across as not very strong and a bit of a weakling. Aunt Kate is another character that the reader may find irritating, as she is almost rude in her treatment of Annalisse, the niece she supposedly loves dearly. Overall, the book provides a satisfying ending, intrigue, romance, and action. It will keep the reader turning the page to the very end.

Carly Fulmer