A Sour Note


Maeve Cleary left her youthful home of Hampton to attend college in New York and pursue her dream job. Ten years later, she returns to home with a battered heart and worries about rebukes from her mom, Jules. Jules owns The Music Box, which becomes the foundation of the relationship shift between mother and daughter. Maeve and her childhood friend, Paige, reconnect at the Happy Bean run by Finn, Maeve’s high school sweetheart. Finn reminds Maeve of their once close relationship igniting the embers. When Paige and Maeve discover a body in the dumpster, the police get summoned. Trixie Bell, the victim, had a love-hate relationship with many people in Hampton. Everyone is hiding secrets, and Maeve decides to uncover the murderer. Could Maeve’s bold moves be her undoing or help her to rekindle a lost love?

Readers of cozy mysteries will enjoy finding their life reflected in Hampton as the original story delivers a unique whodunit not to be missed! Ms. Piscitello creatively releases the distinctive characters’ personalities with small precision moves designed to pique the reader’s interest. The storyline is simple, viable, and intricate as Maeve the sleuth reveals her desire to protect her friends and find the truth, with clues taking readers down various twisted paths to reveal multiple suspects with possible motives. The small-town gossip mill is active and sometimes accurate as Maeve renews friendships and recalls personalities unchanged in ten years. The fast-paced storyline and realistic dialogue make this mystery fun, prompting readers to turn the pages faster to the surprising end!

Simone Dober