Smoke over Owl Creek (Owl Creek Mysteries #1)


Valerie Fisher’s husband tragically took his own life, so she returns to her childhood home in the Pacific Northwest with her seven-year-old daughter, Abigail, in an attempt to put her life back together. The community isn’t as safe as she remembers, and she is worried that there may be someone lurking on her property. She meets up with her old high school friend, Joel, who is now a local detective, to help solve the mystery of who could be sneaking around her house. Unbeknownst to Valerie, there are much more sinister events occurring in Owl Creek. After Valerie finds a dead body on her property, she and Joel are pulled into the darkness of one of the most well-known murder trials in the town's history.

“Now she was back in Owl Creek, but it certainly didn’t have the feel of second chances. More like desperate irony.” With this quote, Caren Hahn perfectly describes Valerie’s trepidation about returning to her hometown. With its unexpected twists and turns, this story is undoubtedly a page-turner. Caren Hahn does a great job creating a very ominous atmosphere with a well-rounded mix of characters. There is a subplot in the story regarding the murder trial in the town that creates a more complex narrative and helps strengthen the characters’ relationships even more. There are also some pretty unique elements thrown in that include a webcomic known as, “Robot Apocalypse”. Add in a slow burn romance, and “Smoke over Owl Creek” will keep the reader on edge with its mystery and suspense!

Jennifer Shepherd