Shopping Can Be Deadly (A Discount Detective Mystery #3)


Cameron Chandler, a single mom and detective working for Penny-wise Investigations, is faced with a terrifying experience when an active shooter appears in the same mall as her place of work. When Cameron tries to aid a gunshot victim, she is swept away by someone who could possibly be the shooter. Once outside, she realizes the person who pulled her from the mall is Gary, a man who once saved her life. He confesses that he is the intended target for the shooter and asks if she can watch his dog, Bandit, while he disappears for the time being. Cameron agrees, albeit reluctantly, and once Bandit is home with her, things begin to spiral out of control. What is Gary tied up in, and is helping him really worth putting her family at risk? And who exactly was the shooter at the mall?

In “Shopping Can Be Deadly”, the character development is fantastic. Ms. Stuart does an incredible job of making the characters relatable in their own ways and even throws in some quirky characteristics that are very endearing. The story did have a slow start, but it didn’t take long for the pace to pick up. And while this book doesn’t follow Gary so much as the shooter, it is intriguing and difficult to put down. The solid mystery will keep the reader guessing as they follow Cameron and her colleagues through interviews and property searches, trying to uncover the true motive behind the mall shooter. This mystery will surely entertain readers who love down-to-earth characters, and dogs, of course.

Jennifer Shepherd