A Season for Killing Blondes


COZY MYSTERY:  After winning it big in the lottery, Gilda Greco decides to strike out and open her own business—a career counseling center—so she can help people find direction in their professional lives. But when a murder throws a huge wrench in those plans (like when the body of Carrie Ann Godfrey, her old friend and first client, shows up in her dumpster) things get a little hairy. And with her old high school crush as the lead detective on the case, things get a bit more confusing and strange for Gilda. Yet when more blondes end up dead near places where Gilda frequents, the suspicion grows around her. Will Gilda be able to clear her good name before a faceless murderer ruins everything she’s worked for? Or will she find herself facing her own demise? 


This quick-paced cozy mystery from Joanne Guidoccio will leave audiences who want an easy weekend read very satisfied. Character-driven and suspenseful enough to keep readers on the edge of their seats without an undue gore factor, this read is well-thought out and delightfully conceived. Although some readers may want a bit more integrated backstory about the characters, part of their appeal is the mystery surrounding who these characters are and what their motivations are. Moreover, the author does a wonderful job of capturing the cultural complexities of the family dynamic that Gilda is a part of. A fun, enjoyable read that will keep audiences guessing until the end! 

Mia Francis-Poulin