San Diego Homeless Murders


When we first meet William, he is with one of his victims. He is a killer, but the narrator asks that we not judge William until we first review his life. He is the son of a lifelong Marine as well as the brother of a Marine who has given his life serving our country. His father, Larry, was ecstatic when William made the announcement that he too, wanted to be a Marine. William made the cut but never saw battle - he manned a desk his entire career. His wife left him because he was too dull. Then he set up a service to help homeless people. This was his true calling.


This novel was difficult to read, at best. The Marine theme was refreshing, but the information about the Marines paying for spouse's education is erroneous. The author needed to do her homework about the military system. The incomplete sentences, spelling errors, and bad grammar led this reader to believe that the novel has never been edited before being submitted for review. The storyline is interesting and unique and William is quite the character. He has a compassionate system worked out for the homeless and it seems to be working with only a few exceptions. Those exceptions have dire consequences. With some reworking and editing, this has potential for being a good story.


Belinda Wilson