Sacrificial Lam


Dr. Lam Corso is a liberal English professor at a deeply conservative campus in the heart of the Ozarks. When a religious zealot threatens him on account of his liberal leanings, his first reaction is to laugh it off. No stranger to the criticisms of those diametrically opposed to his beliefs, he understands that it comes with the territory. While he is initially reluctant to get the police involved, he changes his mind when he is physically assaulted on campus. Soon after, an unknown assailant breaks into the Corso's home and Lam decides that police intervention may not be enough. Although Lam and his wife Susan are well known pacifists and staunchly anti-gun, he does the unthinkable; he buys a firearm. Lam is willing to do anything to protect his family, even if it means going against his own principles.

“Sacrificial Lam” keeps the reader on a knife’s edge as one navigates the murky waters of polarizing political views and fanaticism. The story is fast-paced, intense and completely believable, especially considering the current sociopolitical climate. Mr. Guinn's sharp writing creates a sense of menace and an overwhelming foreboding. Scholarly individuals will appreciate the biblical and literary accuracy. Lam Corso cuts a sympathetic character; however, his tendency towards procrastination makes one want to throttle him!  Readers will be personally invested in him and his experiences. One cannot help but be terrified for the safety of Lam and his family. This taut thriller delivers suspense coupled with an unexpected twist. Highly recommended!

Chantel Hardge