The Ruth Valley Missing


When Jamison Quinn landed in the hospital her boyfriend Dylan didn’t even bother to ask her how she was doing. Jamison began to revaluate her life in the city and decided she needed to get away to a quieter way of life. She had read about “some of the best places that you have never heard about” in a magazine  and Ruth Valley sounds like a perfect place to start over. The handsome town sheriff Jack has a small cottage behind his home to rent and Jamison feels like she has found the perfect place to stay. 

But something wasn’t quite right about Ruth Valley. The local priest Father Mike seems creepy and assuredly not very priestly and Sister Marjorie is even worse - she is down right mean!  When a local waitress’s boyfriend disappears Jamison notices that there aren’t that many men in the town.  With the red flags starting to wave, Jamison decides to investigate this weird phenomena and soon discovers it may be at the peril of her life!


What a great mystery! Amber West weaves the intricacies of the characters just enough to like or dislike them, while parceling out the tidbits of information expertly enough that one can never be sure of who to trust. Ruth Valley seems beautiful and serene yet also a little sinister - just enough to peek the readers interest. West pulls the reader in by setting up this seemingly simple tale of idyllic rural life and then spices it up with mystery and mayhem!


Rose Mary Espinoza