On the Run

Traci Hunter

Investigative reporter Elle Jameson uncovers some unsettling discrepancies regarding a drone being developed by the United States government. When her commanding officers refuse to take her seriously and people start dying, Elle must run for her life. While on the run, the guardians, including the handsome and mysterious Nolan, take her under their protection. But Elle isn’t safe yet. And national security may yet be compromised if the guardians and Elle can’t solve two very important questions: who is behind this? And why? Until then, Elle and Nolan must fight for their survival, the safety of important military and political figures, and decipher their growing feelings for each other.

In “On the Run,” Traci Hunter Abramson creates a thrilling adventure that leaves the reader eager for more. Elle in particular is an incredibly well-rounded character. She has a thriving career and a strong drive to succeed—but she is not portrayed as an impossibly strong female character. She encounters and deals with obstacles and roadblocks such as injuries and food allergies. The world of the guardians is just intriguing enough to hold the reader’s attention. Unfortunately, when it comes Nolan as a romantic prospect, this intrigue does not allow the reader to really know him and feel committed. Compared to Elle, he lacks a bit of depth. When it comes to the romance and action alike, the story is well paced and developed. This book will keep readers on the edge of the seats, thirsty for more action and adventure from the guardians.  

Shailyn Rogers