Relative Deceit

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When Sir George Bancroft is informed that he is bankrupt, his once secure and indulged life is about to be turned upside down. To his rescue comes a relative, Gregory Rogers, who bails out Sir George and proceeds to take over Bancroft Hall, the family home. Gregory is the perfect gentleman and businessman, soon charming George's three sons and daughter, Jane. Since he is now effectively head of the household, he sends Sir George and Lady Bancroft off to Leeds to oversee one of his businesses.

Gregory Rogers is not the munificent cousin that he appears to be. Propelled by revenge and a desire to reclaim what he believes is rightfully his, including the title of baronet, Gregory puts into motion a plan to destroy those who stand in his way.

Set in early twentieth century, this tale of vengeance and greed is extremely well-crafted! The setting of 1911/12 in England's upper classes is described thoroughly without being lavish. The story is high on suspense with the mystery of Gregory's plan and motives gradually being revealed, and an escalating tension towards its resolution. The romance between Gregory and Jane is light, with the story's emphasis on the mystery and intrigue. One of the only issues with this beautifully written novel is that even though the threads of the story are tied off neatly, it  ends somewhat abruptly. However, “Relative Deceit” is a very pleasant surprise. An entertaining story of deceit, revenge, and murder.

Jill MacKenzie