Rag Doll (Jana Lane Mystery #5)


Ex-child star Jana Lane is the star of a murder mystery show. An ex-detective, Christopher Bove, plays the part of her husband. The police will have to take advantage of Jana and Bove’s powers of observation when cast members and others associated with the series are murdered one right after another. At first the murders are mistaken for accidents, but suspicious Jana and Bove start thinking otherwise as they begin putting clues together. They must solve the puzzle or one of them could be next!


Jana Lana and Bove are both well-rounded characters with lots of depth. They also carry a lot of baggage, making them very relatable. Stage set ups are so real that one can easily imagine what they look like. It’s also delightful that Rivera and Herm have their little idiosyncrasies that make them stand out, even though these habits are disgusting. With the exception of Christa, the remainder of the characters are flat. There is a "preachiness" about morality from several of the characters that grate a bit on the reader; and some of Andrew's dialogue is stilted and feels forced. New characters are introduced at the very end of the book which, although it could set up a further installment in the series, adds nothing to the work. "Rag Doll" has lots of action that flows at a good pace. It is so well written this reviewer had no idea who the murderer was until the reveal! The forbidden attraction between Jana and Bove sizzles. If readers love this book, there are others in the Jana Lane series to be sought out.


Belinda Wilson