Polliannah Got Married! (Semya Slotin Mystery #3)

Ngontang Mba

Sémya Slotin is a complex woman of many talents; and although no one would call her soft, when she loves, it is absolutely.  She loves sleuthing, her family, her best friend Polliannah, and the maddening, mysterious Josh. Her life swiftly descends into chaos when she finds out that both Josh and Polliannah have been keeping dangerous secrets from her - secrets that have led to the death of Polliannah’s new husband, but that are also intricately tied to Josh’s shadowy past, and somehow, perhaps, to her own? The only thing that’s clear is that Sémya’s going to have to dig deep, bring old enemies together and face a romantic crisis during her most challenging case ever. 


The game is afoot, dear reader, and what an intriguing story is ahead of you! This is the third book in the series, and, as the author herself states, it can be read as a standalone, although not without significant confusion about the characters and their history at the beginning. 


Sémya and the gang are such colorful and intriguing characters; they will win everyone over with haste. Sémya is so brilliant that her leaps of logic can confuse the reader, but that can be a welcome challenge for mystery fans. The one glaring, problem with this novel is the very poor editing. The story could have been much more compact and almost every other sentence suffers from a grammar or spelling mistake. It’s due entirely to the author’s great storytelling ability that the story can draw readers in and get them to disregard the problems, making this a wonderful uncut jewel!    


Mimi Smith