Penthouse Man

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Trixie Brandt is in possession of a letter that could destroy her family. What exactly is written in the letter and why would she even consider reading it to her sister and cousins? Trixie doesn’t care if the letter hurts her cousins, but she does care about her sister - doesn’t she?  Love is blind, and the fact that she is in love with her sister’s husband, Vell, the director of the company where they all work, changes everything.  On a Saturday night, at what is supposed to be a fun lingerie party at Trixie’s penthouse apartment, she decides to break the rules and discuss “business”.  Alluding to the subject of a take-over, with pictures to match, Trixie starts her campaign. Her sister Steph and her cousins are appalled but think that she might just be teasing them.  Is Trixie so evil that she enjoys torturing those closest to her or is she just an ambitious and efficient career girl?
In this unsettling story, the author takes us through many twists and turns that deal with the questions of loyalty and distrust. It is hard to have sympathy for any of the characters. Their relationships are complicated and somewhat confusing, making it difficult for the reader to understand them or their motives - yet, drawing one in while trying to do so. Kea Noll succeeds in bringing the reader a unique story that both repels and intrigues while keeping one guessing right up to the end of the book!
Rose Mary Espinoza