Pandemonium in Peoria

Rochelle Bradley
and CJ Warrant

The Boba Book Babes (twin sisters and a few of their friends) are hitting the book event up with style. They are well prepared wearing matching shirts, with books to be signed in their shared wagon, and on the look out for their favorite authors. Their eagle eyes won’t skip over the drool-worthy cover models. When Gina catches the eye of her favorite book boyfriend and cover model, he returns her warm look. When Gina gets a closer look, it’s revealed this was her high school beau who moved away just when things were heating up. Will they get a second chance at love? The girl tribe who has traveled to the event are so excited for a girls’ weekend, little did they expect to be aiding in solving a murder or two.

“Pandemonium in Peoria” is the perfect title to this quirky read with all things going awry at a book/author/reader event. The initial intro to the story has an abundance of characters and the list continues to grow. The Boba Book Babes out for a fun time is amusing; their witty banter and longtime friendship are freshly written and highly entertaining, though the rekindling of a 12-year-old relationship may seem fast forwarded to readers. The fact that murders happen and the show goes on is a bit removed from reality. The whodunit mystery is well written and carries the plot along pleasantly. This is the first in a series and does stand on its own, however the ‘Babes’ are highly entertaining and good for an escapade or two more!

Viola Robbins