Old Bones Never Die (An Eve Appel Mystery Book 6)

Lesley A.

Sammy Egret’s brother Walter is found dead after he leaves a cryptic message about their missing father’s pocket watch. Eve Appel is considering opening her own private investigator office when the body is found. When other strange events occur the Egrets hire Eve to find out the truth about Walter’s death. What she and Sammy discover leads them into a deadly family feud that neither of them is expecting. Between finding Walter’s murderer, falling in love with Sammy, and becoming a guardian of two small boys, Eve does her best to help her friends while also running her two antique businesses. Will Eve be able to solve the mysterious death or will enemy number one eliminate her before she uncovers the truth?


“Old Bones Never Die” is book six in the Eve Appel series. In order to understand and appreciate the characters, their interactions with each other and the continuation of the storyline readers should probably read the series in the correct order. Eve Appel is a cross between Janet Evanovich’s Stephanie Plum and a young Jessica Fletcher from “Murder She Wrote”. “Old Bones Never Die” is a fun and fast-paced story, but could be considered a bit "cheesy". The plot has been remanufactured by Ms. Diehl and is unique in its own way. The characters lack genuine depth, but are relatable enough that this flaw might easily be overlooked. Lesley A. Diehl is a charming story-teller and cozy mystery lovers will enjoy the Eve Appel series.


Mary-Nancy Smith