The Nutting Girl


Frank Raven is an unusual guy. At one time or another, he has worn many hats: monk, cop, retired private detective, and heavy drinker. Things changed after he was shot and he now leads a much quieter life. He dances and sings with a local troupe and runs  an old movie theatre in Shelburne Falls. A movie crew descends on his small town and the director asks Frank to guard Julie Norcross, his beautiful starlet. After much consideration, Frank reluctantly decides to take the job and learns that Julie (nicknamed "VelCro") is more than she seems. One night, under stormy skies, Julie is swept away in a rushing river while filming a scene. No trace of her can be found. Did she fall? Was she pushed? Moreover, what role did the director play in her disappearance?

Frank Raven is an offbeat character, well known and well liked in his hometown. His girlfriend Clare is a good fit for him and they work well together.  Author Frank DeVecca has written an intriguing tale with riveting characters. The book has an interesting small town setting with vivid descriptions of the town and people. Unfortunately, he has set a slow, leisurely pace for his novel that is too descriptive and bogs down in all the detail, which risks losing the reader. Patient readers will discover a story with many interesting surprises, twists, making "The Nutting Girl"  a compelling mystery.

L. Kane