For No Apparent Reason


INSPIRATIONAL:  Madison Leigh has just finished her second year in law school. Focused and planned, she has no idea that when she is driven out of the rain and onto a stranger's porch it will be straight into a mystery she can't resist. FBI Agent Court Braxton is trying to solve a case, and having a hard-headed student in his way isn't making things easy.


"For No Apparent Reason" is a good example of an inspirational mystery - anyone of any age can read and enjoy this story. The love between Maddy and Court is pure and she is resolute in her desire to remain a virgin until marriage, and he never pushes. Unfortunately, it falls flat - only touching the surface of the chaaracter's emotions and events and never delving too deep. There are problems with characterizations as well - Maddy professes to be born again, but the only time her religion seems to be actually lived or relevant is when sex is the topic. She attempts to solve a murder on her own and uses any tactic available to her, including the unethical ones.  Court could have been a wonderful Hero, but he's two-dimensional with little backstory.  He also breaks all protocol and common sense in telling her FBI secrets. The mystery is solved well before the end of the book, with a few twists and turns, but the relationship between Maddy and Court continues to a happy and satisfying ending. A suspenseful journey of whodunit, with a sweet, light romantic flavor.


Julie York