No Accounting for Destiny


Emmaline Spencer waited to board a flight from San Francisco to London to visit her aunt Marnie, who was retiring from diplomatic life. The U.S. Embassy went all out for Marnie, but what Emmy did not count on was being kidnapped with Edward, the man who had been groping her during the party. They managed to free themselves and reported the incident to the police, who did not believe a word of it. Marnie picked them up and took them to her townhouse. Emmaline finds that her best friend Jane is really a CIA operative. Jane tells her that Edward is being investigated for payments into his bank account that apparently came from an Irish terrorist organization. None of this made any sense to Emmaline. It did not help matters that she was falling in love with Edward. The kidnappers make a final attempt to settle the score with Edward.

“No Accounting for Destiny” is a well written and easy to read debut novel from Kimberly Emerson. She takes the reader on a fast-paced adventure sprinkled with intrigue and smoldering romance that demands turning the next page. Emmaline Spencer is a captivating character who holds the story together, portrayed in a humorous, down-to-earth way that makes her very real. Readers will readily relate to her, and her views on relationships and life provide an entertaining window into her soul. The story has enough twists and turns to keep readers wanting more, and Kimberly Emerson does not disappoint. A worthwhile book to spend some time with!

Paul Brenner