A Murder, Well-Scripted


Tom Logan, a detective for hire, finds himself on a Hollywood movie set when an untimely explosion reveals a dead body. It’s easy to be distracted by the famous actors surrounding him, but he immediately goes to work to solve the mystery. More is revealed as he meets with his friend, Inspector ‘Red’ Clancy of the Homicide Division. Though a kidnapped star has a seemingly odd connection to the body, Logan must follow the trail according to the partial truths he’s given. Unfortunately, Logan finds himself in harm's way. With his knowledge of Hollywood and the scripts they must follow, he realizes that the killer has been following a self-created script which may include Logan’s murder if he doesn’t figure out the plot in time. 

“A Murder, Well-Scripted” is reminiscent of a classic old Hollywood murder mystery. Comments like “Welcome to the factory that creates dreams. If it doesn’t grow here, then Hollywood will supply it.” create the authentic atmosphere that makes this story alluring. Every character has traits that are believable and contribute to the overall vibe. Mr. Piazza knows the value of timeliness of revealed truths, which mystery readers will appreciate in this well-crafted story. Readers will enjoy the ease of Logan’s personality, rather than a stereotypical, over-characterized, arrogant detective. His personal story is engaging and relatable. This engaging whodunit deserves high praise for providing a little bit of everything—a killer on the loose, movie stars, quirky characters, kidnapping, and a few dead bodies—what’s not to like?

Moira Wolf